Saturday, January 16, 2010

Can you imagine mobile printing to Smartphone!

Yes! It is now possible from Blackberry Smartphone to Zebra Printer. With the help of ZebraLink Multiple Software Development Kit, the end user can print any documents from the device to printer. Blackberry Smartphone already has extensive multimedia functions that give users the option to print e-mails, contacts, notes, tasks and calendar entries. In addition, ZebraLink SDK helps the users grab the full utility of the device. When one needs on-demand printing of field service records, tracking tags, point-of-sale receipts, and healthcare specimen labels, SDK is much more helpful for the users.
SDK includes source code samples, documentation, and on-phone demonstration modules that enable users to create custom applications with embedded support for Zebra printers.
Mobile technology is on the boom nowadays, especially in the enterprise space. Smartphone has an increasing need among users for field based applications. There are some cases where traditional and rugged handheld terminals may not always be suited in any particular place. Mobile Printing by using the SDK can solve the issues. That is why mobile printing technology is gaining more traction in the industries.
Zebra’s printing capability to smartphone enters the market at an important juncture while every investment behind Smartphone Applications gets rapid and visible Return on Investment (ROI).

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