Friday, February 26, 2010

Does iPhone put a hex on Netbooks?

The Netbooks is so far the best device for consuming digital media. Since the launch of iPad SDK, people say, Apple’s iPad can spell the death of Netbooks.
Although both the devices are portable like the smartphone, you will find watching videos on both the all-screen device. But the Netbooks are capable of performing everything as a computer is supposed to do. Not only that, it is also cheaper than laptop. Netbooks are also capable of multi-tasking as they support Adobe Flash and allow you to choose the operating system you want to run. They are also capable of running full desktop applications. Nevertheless, they are better than an iPad in many respects.
Apple’s iPad is yet to launch. But its SDK 3.2 beta version says, it can support e-book, entertainment, games, Web, Email, and Maps, Connectivity, TV, Movies and Video application etc. It is more palatable than doing it on a netbook with a keyboard.
But what is about e-Ink display of iPad, when we need to send emails and create documents? The iPad has nothing but on-screen keyboard while Netbooks offer e-Ink display. But a lot of people prefer using a physical keyboard than a virtual keyboard.
When you try entering text using the on-screen keyboard of iPad, with the tablet placed on a table, your neck will start aching in no time. So virtual keyboard is not a big issue for the iPad users. Let’s see the magic charm of iPad over Netbooks.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Will Window Mobile dethrone iPhone?

One is in challenge to other. It is direct battle of Apps in between Window Mobile and iPhone. While Window Mobile has unveiled new mobile phone operating system, iPhone has launched 3G version to challenge the other smartphones. The fight of apps is on since Microsoft has geared up for the fight against iPhone.
After four-years of their promise to launch OS version of 7, Microsoft is set to completely rule the LIVEs of their customers when their new smartphone finally hits the market. Since the launch of Window Mobile OS 6.5 & 7, it focuses as much on personal media functions as on business ones.
GSMA, a coalition of 24 telecom companies have announced an open platform (WAC) for developing applications to work across all phone carriers, devices, and operating systems. This move is seen as the direct challenge to Apple’s App Store.
Touting a touch screen and a gorgeous display aside, it does give players something that may seem more important than previously thought, complete Xbox LIVE integration.
Window Mobile has aims to launch new versions of operating system that can simplify smartphone usage. These new versions can integrate content functions such as photos, contacts, video, games, music and other work applications.
Windows Phone 7 can pull together data from social networking sites and other services to constantly update contact information and recent social media activity of users’ own connections.
The next issue is Third-party applications. iPhone offers the Apple Apps Store with useful features and programs. And the applications must be approved by Apple before they go live; helping to ensure spyware isn’t part of the equation. On the other hand Windows Mobile offers literally thousands of third party freeware applications (WM Apps store powered by pocket Gear Inc.) along with the largest catalogue of non-freeware software from companies such as Handango and MobiHand online.
These major puts by Microsoft Window Mobile can definitely get into the mobile market. But the real question is whether or not Window Mobile will put a dent in Apple’s iPhone. Let’s wait till it happens.