Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can SEO friendly PHP script be really possible?

Yes, PHP, the server side language can be Search Engine friendly. Its result can be much more scalable than that of static HTML. But the question is if anyone looks for a SEO friendly PHP solution, will it be a hard nut to crack at all?
No, developers don’t need to encounter a lot of technical hiccups during creating PHP scripts. They should just follow the SEO guideline during the optimization of PHP script.
It is true that latency of PHP scripts can be an issue during execution, because execution counts a lot in determining the SEO friendliness of the script. It would be a long wait for the serve to execute the PHP code behind the particular page during crawling the page and following the link. And as a result of it, the Search Engine spider may neglect the page or move on without crawling.
However, PHP pages can be search Engine friendly that will look like the static pages. For a dynamic PHP page, one should focus on the URL links and GET variables. Otherwise, one can also make GET variables relevant by using keyword rich titles and terms. If the page requires more variables, one can combine the variables by restricting them with a hyphen or an unused character and then, splitting them in the different target pages.